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Thread: Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of Colorado's TABOR amendment

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    Re: Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of Colorado's TABOR amendment

    Quote Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
    What a bizarre interpretation of both reality and my post.
    Communist manifesto? Is that what you really think about liberals? You should probably listen to Limbaugh less often.

    My point is that damn near every time a liberal says we're a Democracy, some conservative chimes in and says "NUH UH, WE'RE A REPUBLIC!" As if those two things are somehow mutually exclusive in the first place. But then they're always willing to play the "will of the people" card when it comes to whatever platform they support happens to have a 50.04% vote in favor of it.
    Try reading the manifesto. Furthermore the will of the people typically has to do with elected officials breaking their promises, I believe. If I vote for someone's platform, and they don't follow it, then he's not representing me.
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