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Thread: Yemeni jets 'target rival tribal group'

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    Yemeni jets 'target rival tribal group'

    Forces loyal to Yemen's president Ali Abdullah Saleh have used helicopters and MiG fighter jets to attack bases of a rival tribal group, sources have told Al Jazeera.

    Hakim Al Masmari, the editor of the Yemen Post, said on Friday the fighting was concentrated in the suburb of Nahem, north east of capital Sanaa, and that the air strikes started after the tribesmen belonging to the Hashid tribe attacked checkpoints around a Republic Guards camp, taking control of one of them.

    Members of the Hashid tribe have joined the anti-government protesters in calling for Saleh to step down after he backed out of a deal brokered by the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) for him to peacefully step down.

    Three months of street protests calling for an end to the 33-year rule of Saleh have brought the country to a near standstill.

    "The tribes are very powerful, ruthless and well-armed," Al Masmari said.
    Source: Aljazeera

    Looks like the Arab spring may bring on yet another civil war, only this one will likely be a lot more chaotic and disorganized. Potential for a Somalia-type collapse is much higher.
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    Re: Yemeni jets 'target rival tribal group'

    My dilemma with respect to Yemen concerns the question as to whether the political opposition is really about more democratic government, whether it is merely a slow-motion reignition of the previous civil war based on circumstances that lead Yemenis to believe central power is eroding (hence creating opportunities to renew the fight over old grievances), or whether a genuine aspiration for more democratic governance is actually morphing into a renewal of civil war. Finally, I agree with you that Yemen has significant failed state potential.

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