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  1. The baby monitor

    by , 06-25-14 at 07:50 AM
    Well, I guess I'm happy with the baby monitor. In my last blog, I related a bad experience with it -- the first night. Caused me to nightmare. But last night and early this morning were different.

    It has a real sensitive audio and picks up mom's voice very well. At 2 AM this morning, it woke me up with her voice. After seeing that she was safely in bed, I laid there a few minutes to see what had awakened me.

    Mom was praying. Very simply. Very child-like. Over and over the ...
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  2. Mom again.

    by , 06-23-14 at 11:14 PM
    Mom came home yesterday. I was as thoroughly prepared as I could be. Had her oxygen generator delivered, a full-electric hospital bed, bought a baby monitor.

    I'm not sure about the baby monitor. It was my cousin's idea. I've got it set up in mom's bedroom for overnight (control in our bedroom) and another camera in the living room for when I'm in another part of the house during the day. The control is battery operated or plug-in, depending on where one uses it the most. I set it up ...
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  3. Why won't Maggie STFU??

    by , 06-19-14 at 07:34 PM
    Okay, instead of starting yet ANOTHER thread about Mom, I'm blogging. It's been my therapy to write down what's going on. But another thread?? No.

    I just got a call from the nursing home, and mom is being discharged on Sunday. She still has, like, 47 Medicare days left, but they explained they would have to commit fraud in order to keep her. In Medicare's eyes, they tell me, Mom is "stable." Though she needs very carefully monitoring with her diuretics, that can be done at ...
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  4. Good Bye DP

    by , 06-02-14 at 05:36 AM
    Some will say good riddance, and that's fine.

    Personal tragedy has struck too close to home and puts all the time here is perspective.

    I wish everyone well.

    Best regards,
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  5. 1 JUNE 2014 U.S. Senate update number 10 Part II

    by , 05-31-14 at 09:24 PM
    Due to being limited to 10,000 characters this month senate update will be in two parts. Part I contains the predictions from Alaska to North Carolina. Part II contains predictions for South Dakota and West Virginia, predictions on the House of Representatives, my comments and memory lane.

    South Dakota Johnson D retiring R Mike Rounds had a 20 point lead over Democrat Weiland in February. But a Survey USA poll released on 15 May has Rounds lead at 14 points. That is still ...
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