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  1. From the Frankfurt school to Obama

    Why do we have a feeling that something just isn’t quite right, but we’re unable to put our finger on it?
    Why doesn’t it matter who you vote for, nothing seems to change?
    Why did the old slogans of ‘Power to the People’ and ‘Workers of the World Unite’ disappear?

    Those looking for communists revolutionaries with red flags standing on the barricades will remain disappointed. The communists became progressives, minority interests replaced those of the workers and equality, ...

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  2. A public (political) warning

    Fifty years ago it was all about this.

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    Too much like hard work? Soften it with legalised drugs, human rights, welfare entitlement and socialised medical care to bring it up to date.

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    Fast forward:

    The longer you think like this:

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    The sooner ...
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  3. A foreigner’s view of China

    The Chinese are an extremely clever people and unlike the old USSR, saw that communism failed everywhere it was tried. They therefore changed their economy to a capitalist one, but kept the communist party leadership. Those who think a revolution is in the offing fail to realize that just about every person in China might not love the system they live under, but would fight to the death to defend it. No anti-war protests, they’d lose 500 million and not even blink – and if it ever comes to it, they ...
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  4. Are worker bees getting crazier?

    by , 06-12-15 at 11:16 AM (Occam's Razor - Lifting the Veil, Tearing Down the Facade, Ripping Back the Curtain, and Looking Past It All)
    I don't do any hiring, but personal experience and general observation have led me to believe that our society as a whole has become slightly sociopathic and disconnected from reality. The affects of Bernaysian Marketing, profit as the only motive, and 24/7 access to entertainment and distraction from life, community and the body politic are becoming disastrously and unavoidably noticeable.

    Most of us frogs in the pot have not noticed the rising temperature of deceit and low morals ...
  5. Outsourcing and the Decline of the American Workforce

    This is from a post I made in response to a NY Times article about Disney laying off workers in Florida.

    There are many reasons in my opinion for this kind of thing happening, and happening more frequently. First off, America can no longer compete with foreign companies and foreign workforces. The cost of doing business in the US is high compared to other nations. Corporate taxes are the highest in the world, wages are among the highest in the world and the amount of costly regulations

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