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  1. Self-Indulgent Pity Party, and Hugs to Those Who Have Been Beacons In My Darkness

    After nine years on this site, this is my first blog. For most this will be tl;dr, but some of you I have known for over a dozen years,and have noted that the past two years have wrought some significant changes to me, and my posts. For those who actually care, you deserve an explanation. For those looking for mud to drag me through, screw you, I care nothing for your opinions.

    The past two years have been incredibly difficult for me. A quick run-down: My second husband and I married, ...

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  2. I sent this PM to Tomís kids just now...

    (I just couldnít bear to call them.)

    To John, Sue, Jeff and Kat,

    About a month ago, I had a routine CAT scan making sure the immunotherapy I was taking continued to work. It was questionable. I had a more definitive PET scan last week and got the results yesterday. It clearly showed that the nodule had enlarged and that, as is always to be expected sooner or later, the immunotherapy had stopped working.

    My only option was to take more of the tough ...
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  3. The first day of the rest of my lifegrateful

    Well, I am finally at peace. Wonderful thing!

    Being a control freak, my philosophy has always been ďHope for the best. Plan for the worst.Ē Never a Pollyanna. Forever the realist. It has always worked for me and continues to work itís magic on this new dawn of day.

    My scan, as I fully expected, showed that my nodule had increased in size. That meant I had a decision to make. No more immunotherapy... it obviously stopped working. So either nothing or back to debilitating ...
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  4. The Dís Failure to Convert their Rapist President Clinton Problem

    The Democrats will try to twist their 30-year love affair and aggressive defense of Bill Clinton... but...

    The Republicans are not having a Clinton moment.

    The Republicans have jettisoned Moore publicly.

    The Socialists of America Partei (SAPs) aggressively defended a rapist and perjurer, then elevated him and his equally vile wife to Party Royalty status, and did so for 30-years. (It will make a wonderful book).

    I understand SAPs have been blindsided... ...
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  5. Christopher Hitchens, New Atheist

    Christopher Hitchens, who died in 2011, started out as a correspondent of The International Socialist and went on to write for publications like The New Statesman, Nation, and The Daily Express and published a number of books besides, is a frustrating case for me. On one hand he displayed enormous strength of character and honesty when he split with much of the left over the Salman Rushdie affair and went on to criticize the left rightly on a number of points including their stance on the Iraq ...
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