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  1. Let me tell you about my brother

    One of my earliest memories of my brother Jim is that he always wanted the more unusual pets. He wanted to raise pigeons, so my father built him a pigeon coop. I can remember standing inside it with Jim trying to catch the pigeons. From him I learned there are tumblers (these birds roll over backwards) and rollers (these do somersaults).

    Then, he wanted a snake, so my father built a huge snake enclosure in the backyard. He named the snake Crictor, the Boa Constrictor. I remember ...

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  2. Red

    See, now to me - THIS is an awesome Little Red Riding Hood story. (WARNING: Do not let your child watch this without viewing it yourself first)
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  3. It's not that funny...

    My son just said something to me that brought me to tears laughing, even though it really wasn't that funny.

    He said "I downloaded this dog whistle app but it doesn't work" and I laughed myself into a coma.

    When I explained to him why I was laughing, he told me quite grumpily that it wasn't THAT funny.

    He's right, of course, but it felt good to laugh that hard at something...

    ((ETA: And now my son is holding ...

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  4. James R. Sinclair

    Since having my DNA analyzed by 23andme, I've been playing around with creating a family tree.

    This is extremely difficult for me because most of the surnames down the line were very common. Not only that, but the sheer volume of men named "James" is mind-boggling.

    My great-grandmother, Louisa - her father was a James, she married a James, and her son was a James.

    And, I found, she had a nephew named James.

    I found that ...
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  5. Karen's Story

    Karen's Story told by someone who has not seen, heard, nor spoken to her in over 20 years.

    I married early, to my high school sweetheart Eric, and we spent 5 years of marital 'bliss' which included infidelity, drugs, partying and general debauchery. Joining us in many of these pursuits was his sister, Karen.

    The last time I ever saw or spoke to Karen we both did a line of meth and she was insisting to me that there were bugs ...
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