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  1. When Should The Government Get Involved?

    by , 01-11-14 at 11:11 AM
    Hello friends. First a qualifier...

    I'm one of the few Libertarians who believes that when there is a large project, possibly nationwide, to be undertaken and there is no profit motive then the government may have to step in and get involved. Examples of where I think the government got involved include and helped the nation...

    The National Highway System
    Boulder Dam

    Grants For Higher Education

    But I've been wondering about the government's ...
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  2. Simulated 2016 Generic Presidential Race Results 5 Jan 2014

    by , 01-05-14 at 09:50 AM
    I love running simulated presidential elections with a formula I worked out through research which was less than 1 point off the actual election results in 2012. I posted one of these back in October which showed the generic Democratic candidate winning handily by 6-8 points. But since then there has been changes in party affiliation/identification on which I base this on. Using the December Gallup figures here is how I figure who would win the presidency if the election was held today. This work ...
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  3. 1 Jan 2014 U.S. Senate update number 5

    by , 12-31-13 at 01:03 PM
    1 Jan 2014 U.S. Senate update number 5

    Current 55 Dems 45 Rep

    Alaska Begich D - Begich looks like a solid winner at this time although some of his support has eroded over the last month and one half. This is still a Democratic hold. Senate remains 55 D 45 R

    Arkansas Pryor D Pryor has his track shoes on and is giving as much distance between him and President Obama and his much beloved ACA as much as possible. It will not help ...
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  4. On Secession

    by , 12-29-13 at 06:06 PM
    As evidenced by the conversation taking place in the Would Slavery Still Exist? thread, there exists a good amount of confusion regarding the fundamental characteristics underlying the split from England by the American Colonies, the founding of the United States, and the subsequent formation of the Confederate States. Because this issue is so pivotal to promoting patriotic ideology, the actual historic events tend to get a little muddied with hyperbole. The following is a brief summary of events ...
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  5. Balancing the Budget

    by , 12-26-13 at 04:47 AM
    Here is an interesting idea I have been thinking about. Giving more powers back to the States with federal minimum standards and oversight. I would like to discuss the Budget and some other programs on this one. Give complete financial responsibility with no federal help to the following programs, Education(to include libraries), roads(to include interstates),welfare(to include WIC, food stamps and corporate subsidies), healthcare(to include medicare) Social Security. Allow states to determine funding ...
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