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  1. The doc called...

    So, I got the CAT scan results today.

    He said my lung nodule was pretty much stable, but the lesions on my liver had enlarged somewhat and a few more had become large enough to be visible.

    He recommended a new regime of a chemo drug called Opdivo. It's been on TV. Something new. I'll get it in two weeks.

    I guess it's good news that the doc wants to continue to treat, but something new is Spooky because of unknown side effects. Just had chemo a week ago and ...
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  2. Not an update...

    Waiting for CAT scan results. Big test. The results will decide if I get more chemo or if the chemo's stopped working.

    But I thought some might find a few tidbits interesting. So. Why does chemo stop working? I looked it up. There are many reasons, but the two that spoke to me are...

    #1... cancer cells aren't recognized as abnormal by your body which is why it's so hard to cure. Your body thinks those crazily multiplying cells are normal. Oops! So. When it senses chemo ...
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  3. Update

    Well, I'm still feeling great. That's SUCH a good thing!

    About a week after my last post, though, I ended up in the hospital with a serious infection caused by the latest chemo treatment I'd had. I was in for five days on IV antibiotics, a surgical procedure to drain an abscess, and a platelet and blood transfusion. Yikes!! None of that was from the cancer. All of it was from the treatments.

    So I took a six week vacation from chemo. Last treatment left off the third cocktail ...

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  4. Three Chemotherapies Down...

    I have a 4-hour chemo treatment every three weeks. Still feeling great except for 3 days or so around my treatment. The main side effect is extreme tiredness, and that passes in 3-4 days. Next week, I have a body scan to determine if they will stop treatment, continue as is or change the chemistry. Since I still feel good, I'm hoping they can continue.

    Ive manages to, as I've said before, get all my personal affairs in order. Some of you may remember mom's John. I've taken him to the ...
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  5. Busy Bee

    So. I start chemo Wednesday. Get a port put in on Tuesday. The chemo will be once every three weeks for three times and then another PET scan. If it's worse, chemo stops. If the same or better, they'll keep it up as long as I want to.

    ive been really busy. A trip to the boat now and then...lunches with friends and going over my "stuff" one last time.

    I joined the Illinois Cremation Society yesterday. Prepaid for my cremation and filled out the myriad state required ...
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