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Thread: Hong Kong lawmakers barred by Beijing from office

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    Re: Hong Kong lawmakers barred by Beijing from office

    The 'one country, two systems' policy will never change in any circumstances..
    So I believe our government is just doing what they have to to maintain society peace for the people.

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    Re: Hong Kong lawmakers barred by Beijing from office

    One country two systems is a bogus fraud that is cooked in Taiwan and on the way out in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leader of student demonstration participant groups Joshua Wong speaks to media in Hong Kong November 11, 2014 during what became 79 days of Occupy Central.

    Hong Kong and Taiwan have new and vigorous independence movements. In HKG it is the Umbrella Movement connected to Occupy Central and the new political parties that advocate a universal suffrage referendum on sovereign independence, in no sooner than ten years time so the public can be engaged. The public is increasingly open.

    In Taiwan it is the Sunflower Revolution that seized the parliament building in 2014 to rouse Taiwanese to elect the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party leader Tsai Ing-Wen as first lady President and to give the DDP the majority control of parliament for the first time.

    Potus-Elect Trump is going for the CCP jugular when he focuses on Taiwan. CCP is going to have to show its throat or take some teeth into it instead, which is what will happen. HKG is already uplifted by Trump and his hawk advisors who have a three-fer starting up of China-Taiwan-HKG.

    Prominent Hong Kong democracy and independence student groups leaders Jeffrey Ngo and Joshua Wong in New York November 17, 2016 where Ngo is currently a student. The 20 year old Wong was in USA from Hong Kong and in Washington DC to speak before the U.S. Congressional-Executive Branch Commission on China, Nov. 19th.

    Speaking in Washington before the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Joshua Wong, photo right, urged President-Elect Donald Trump to support the proposed Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act which is expected to be enacted by the U.S. Congress in 2017. The proposed law would require the U.S. president to certify to the Congress that HKG is in fact "autonomous" in its governance as stipulated in the 1997 agreement with UK that returned HKG to Beijing.

    CCP guaranteed no change to HKG governance for 50 years which Beijing has already betrayed numerous times as a flat out lie. The title of the thread is further proof of the CCP lies and malicious intents against democracy and human rights in HKG.

    Beijing engages in ‘unprecedented’ op-ed battle with Hong Kong activists on self-determination

    25 October 2016

    Pro-democracy student leader Joshua Wong rejected Song’s argument, saying that Hong Kong was not part of the People’s Republic China when it was established in 1949, but had been a British colony since 1842. “This shows that Hong Kong was indeed entitled to self-determination in accordance with international law,” said Wong.

    Mr. Ngo and Mr. Wong wrote in the World Policy Blog earlier: “We ought to regain Hong Kongers’ right to self-determination from the international community so that the people, rather than the authoritarian regime in Beijing, can truly decide our own future.”
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