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Thread: The latest in election rigging: stack the convention committees

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    The latest in election rigging: stack the convention committees

    At the DNC’s national convention in July, there are three standing committees: Rules, Credentials, and the party platform’s Drafting committee.

    As the New York Times previously reported, Schultz made sure the standing committees were chaired by prominent superdelegates supporting Clinton and that those appointed to serve on the committee were favorable to the former Secretary of State.

    For example, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is co-chair of the platform committee, and former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is co-chair of the rules committee. Sanders referred in his letter to both Malloy and Frank as “aggressive attack surrogates” due to outspoken comments they’ve made on the campaign trail.

    Under the party’s rules, the DNC chair has the power to appoint 25 at-large executive committee members to each committee. Out of the 45 names Sen. Sanders submitted, Wasserman Schultz only appointed three, none of whom are serving on the rules committee, which is arguably the most important.
    How the DNC Just Rigged the National Convention to Destroy Bernie Sanders
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    Re: The latest in election rigging: stack the convention committees

    Why does this not surprise me? Is there anything at all Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will not do or say for Hillary Clinton? God only knows what Hillary has promised Schultz. If Hillary becomes President she will appoint Schultz to a cabinet position and Hillary and Schultz will take every goddam opportunity to screw over the entire nation.

    Another reason never to vote for Hillary. As if there aren't enough reasons already.

    Somedays I stop and ask myself if it is going to be worth the effort of chewing through the restraints.

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